Client Testimonials

I am so glad & grateful to have met you. Our sessions have been tremendously helpful and you have a wonderful, warm spirit. You are a blessing and a light.


I came to Kim and CranioSacral therapy through a friend. Prior to my sessions with Kim, I had very little knowledge or preconceived ideas about CST, which is exactly how I wanted to approach it. So this review is based on my two experiences with Kim.

From the moment I walked through the door she made me feel at ease. Very gentle and soft, but focused. Before we started she created a space of openness and safety in which I could express, say, feel, ect. anything that came up. What resulted from that environment was a safely guided (but not coerced) journey into some of my deepest wounds and trauma. Within those wounds were anger and rage. Beyond the anger was sadness. I felt I was able to release some of that and let go of what I had been holding on to for so long.

My experience with Kim and CST has helped me to understand the notion that within the pain is the medicine. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to heal and grow.

~ Josh

My daughter Rosalia was born with Cerebral palsy due to loss of oxygen during birth. She started physical therapy before her first birthday. Over the years, we have done everything that was suggested for us to do. A couple years ago I was introduced to Kim, she was very interested in helping Rosalia. After the second session, I noticed a difference in the way she was walking, she was able to hold more of her own weight and was standing straighter. I was so thrilled, I had to drive over to my parent’s house to show them. During the next several days I noticed she wasn’t storing her food in her cheeks, something she has done since she started eating solid food. Rosalia had never been able to chew meat or any other food that took a lot of chewing, even a chicken nugget was too much for her to chew. Since then, she has been able to enjoy foods he had never had the opportunity to experience before.

Now Rosalia is 21 years of age and 115 lbs., it takes a toll on my body to transfer her to and from a vehicle and take care of all her other needs. Kim felt it was important for me to take care of my needs also and encouraged me to get on the table myself. In September 2013, Balanced Being Inc. hosted a 3 day Integrated Therapy Program that Rosalia and myself attended. I was very excited to have the chance to experience what Rosalia has been experiencing during her sessions with Kim. I really didn’t know what to expect, and what an experience it was! During the first day we worked on my shoulder, which has been bothering me for a number of years. When I went home that evening, I was extremely tired and could tell my shoulder had been worked over! I woke up the following morning, still tired, but my shoulder had felt better than it had in a number of years. Day two we worked on my lower back, day three we focused on my neck. I was amazed at how I felt after the weekend and am convinced of the benefits that Rosalia receives from her therapy.

~ Carolyne